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Allow me to introduce myself…


Hey there! I’m Jamie Lee and I’m wildly passionate about helping families earn a little or a lot of extra income. Let’s face it, these days are uncertain when it comes to things like savings, retirement, or even keeping the same job for more than a decade or two.

In an era of outsourcing and downsizing, it can feel like the American family is getting squeezed from all sides. Are you feeling the financial pressure?

If you’re looking for some side money, or to totally replace your current income with a work at home business, then you are in the right place.

Connect with me to start your business. OR if you currently already have a business but just need a bit of extra support – join me in my coaching services, in my Facebook community or here on the blog for your support.

What Can I Do For You?

I’ve helped countless moms come home to their babies – and rock their business while rocking their babies in their arms. I’m talking about moms who never thought it was possible to have their own business, yet alone one that allowed them the freedom to be with their precious little ones.

I’ve helped families gain extra income by learning how to grow and leverage their work at home business.

I provide this website as a resource center for anyone working from home or wanting to work from home. 


A little bit more about Jamie Lee

In my teens and 20s when most other women were taking steps to becoming domestic diva’s, I was working on my first business plan.

They were taking babysitting jobs, I was taking freelance gigs and producing art and graphics for people I knew.

When they were learning to cook, I was learning about how to create my own fonts and graphics.

When other young women got the memo on tidying up and how to be a mom, I got the memo on how to launch a business.

I’m ok at cooking. Laundry is my nemesis. Organizing Tupperware is probably one of my biggest domestic challenges. #nojoke

On the flip side, I’ve launched three successful work at home businesses, written a book, appeared in numerous commercials and one infomercial, provided voice over talent and produced countless graphics, animations, tutorials, brochures, websites and other media. I’ve had a ton of business success,… But I have yet to know how to poach an egg.

I always knew I would have my own business someday. But I did not always know that I would be a mom. In fact for a long time I believed it to be true that I could not have children. So you can imagine my surprise when unexpectedly my husband and I became pregnant one week after launching my first business.

It’s been an incredible eight years of full time entrepreneurship and momming. One that I would not change anything for and one that I have learned a lot from.