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Let’s get you into the right pricing package for you.

Standard monthly Packages

Web Services

• 1 service credit •

500-700 word article

500-700 word video

5-8 question viral quiz

• 2 service credits •

Set up automated blogging using content

• 10 service credits •

Split 5-20 page e-book into 5-10 articles or email series

Create 4-step funnel freebie giveaway using PLR content

Set up digital download store with 5 products

• Quote-based services •

Set up a Membership site & use PLR content for members-only area

Create website to showcase your PLR content

Edit existing website, digital store or membership area

Voice & Video Talent

• 1 service credit •

1-minute podcast episode

1-minute video

1 minute audio of PLR as an MP3 audio book

• 2 service credits •

1-minute Step-by-step video tutorial

1-minute voice-over for Slideshare

Full screen video graphic



Presentations, Workshops & Seminars

• 1 service credit •

500-700 word presentation

1 minute audio of PLR as an MP3 audio book

• 2 service credits •

Custom background

Added logo & other brand elements

700-1500 word presentation

Integrate a video created by you

Companion worksheet, checklist, spreadsheet, or cheat sheet

• 4 service credits •

Create & implement a 1-minute video



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"Jamie's creativity and artistic talent made her a great asset to the team when we worked together. Always a pleasure to work with her."

Brad Deem, Data Security Architect @ John Deere

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

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