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General Services

Automated Blogging

Allow me to set up your blog to run on auto-pilot. I can schedule your own content or even help you create content to be scheduled so you can have your blog run even when you’re not there.

Automated Facebook group posting

Last year over Christmas break I scheduled all of my social media for the entire new year. Doesn’t that sound awesome? It is! And I can do the same for you with Automated Facebook group posting. You can provide me with content or I can create the content for you.

Blog Writing

Do you have a blog but just don’t have the time to write the content? Let me help! View some of my latest work at Momalot and Work at Home Secrets Revealed.

Manage Your Videos

This task includes things like taking your Facebook Live videos and sharing them to YouTube. 

eNewsletter Services 

Managing an electronic newsletter takes time and dedication. Let me help you write, update, or publish your newsletter.

Proof Reading 

I’ve been writing professionally since 2008. My experience in writing for blogs, live news and television, and marketing campaigns helps me to proof and massage nearly any conversational text.

Tailwind for Pinterest Automation

I love automation and Tailwind makes it easy to automate your Pinterest. If you just don’t have time to do this task, allow me. It can save you time and really grow your blog or business. 

Viral Quizzes 

Quizzes are engaging and fun! Allow me to help you put one on your website or in your newsletter. 

Website Upkeep 

Websites maintainence isn’t glamorous and if it’s not your expertise, then you could actually be wasting money. Let me help. I can help with things like updating plugins and content, adding new content, automating your blog. 

Creative Services

Business Cards

Business cards are still one of the simplest things to have on hand to promote your business. Allow me to design your cards today.


Need a flyer? I can help create a quick, unique and inexpensive solution. 

Logo & Brand Creation

A logo and a brand are one of the biggest ways people you don’t know, decide to do business with you. Let me help create a logo and/or brand that is a reflection of you and your business. 

Photo Editing

I’ve been using Photoshop since it very first came out way back in the day. I love Photoshop and can edit darn near anything. What’s your project? 

Podcast Episodes

Do you want to start a podcast for your business? I can help you set up the podcast, use the tools to record and publish, or even voice your podcast for you. 

Product Mockups

Do you have a prototype that you need mockups created? For example a new line of soaps, or a magazine, or maybe you’re launching a tshirt shop. I can make your ideas come to life before you ever make an actual product.

Slideshow Deck or Powerpoint Voice-over

Sometimes your presentations just need a voice to bring them to life. I can be that voice

Social Media Graphics 

Need graphics for Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram? I’ve got you covered!

Video Editing 

I can edit your videos for YouTube. This includes everything from basic editing to splicing audio and video, trimming, adding graphics and audio. View some of my personal brand videos here.


Let me be the voice of your next audio project. 

Web Graphics  

Sometimes creating images for every blog post can be too much. That’s where I come in. Let me make the graphics so you don’t have to.

Private Mentor & Training

For those that qualify and who are highly coachable I provide private mentoring and training.

I don’t choose to work with everyone in this capacity because honestly not everyone is ready for mentoring. To be mentored you must be willing to listen and to grow yourself.

I have made a full-time residual income in Network Marketing and I train other people how to do the same.

I have also ran several successful small businesses and train other people on how to take that leap of faith and work from home. We start by evaluating skillsets and finding the right work at home option. Then we get to work generating income.

For those who run established businsesses I come along side them and breathe inspiration, ideas and sound marketing advice into them while creating the assets they need to keep their business thriving.

Design Packages

Small Business Start-Up

For the most effective and comprehensive visual brand, we recommend having both digital and physical aspects of your business represented clearly and consistently

Social Media Essentials

So much of business takes place on social media. Let us help create a package of images for you that express your brand while growing your presence.

Visual Branding & Logo

It’s important as a business to have a clear and appropriate brand to represent their company. Our custom package includes the brand discovery – we work with you to identify the right font style, colors and overall design that will work best to attract your target audience.

“Jamie is a very creative individual and I have enjoyed being a part of her career journey. Great writer, designer, and focused business individual. She can do anything she puts her mind to!”

Victoria Householder, Group O

Jamie is an incredible person personally as well as professionally. Jamie puts everything into the product knowledge and invests 100% in you and how to help you grow your business. It is more about helping you and getting you healthy and where you want to be for you and your family. Her professionalism meets person-ability is impeccable! Love working with her; would do it anytime!

Cherie Henningsen, Behavioral Sciences Professor

Jamie is superb at creating forward-thinking designs that hit the mark with the intended audience. She is imaginative in all she does and is dedicated at delivery a quality product on time and within budget. It is always a positive experience to work with Jamie.

– Barb Wester, Communications Director

Working with Jamie is always such a pleasure, and wonderful learning experience! Her positive attitude is contagious and her willingness to help others grow makes working with her a delight! She taught me how to face fears and how to step out of my comfort zone so I could work on my personal development in ways no one ever has! She is an incredible creative and has a heart of gold, you will never be disappointed working on any sort of project with her. She really can do it all! 

Sarah Jacques

Owner at Clean Finish, LLC

“It’s a pleasure working with Jamie. She’s on time, has a ton of energy and is great on camera!”

Erik Schaffer

Videographer, Silver Oaks Communications

I worked with Jamie several difficult design projects. She was able to analyze work with the client’s need with limited direction, design several options, and then prepare the final piece for the printer flawlessly. Both the client and I were amazed by her speed and talents. Not only is Jamie a talented designer, she is a wonderful person to work with! 

Betsy Justis

Project Coordinator

I have worked with Jamie on a variety of projects over the years and have found her to be one of the most dedicated freelancers I have worked with. She is creative, thoughtful, and produces products for clients that are outstanding. I would highly recommend Jamie Lee for any project that requires creativity, patience, personality and/or reliability. She’s a great worker and a very nice person.

Nancy Nehlsen

Owner, Nehlsen Communications

Jamie was an absolute delight to work with. She showed a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to our project, working nights and weekends – whatever was needed to get the job done. The results were amazing; Jamie’s hard work helped my company win an important project.

Betsy Green

Project Manager, Group O

Voice talent Jamie Brodersen can communicate your company’s message in an upbeat, pleasant tone that keeps listeners engaged. Let Jamie’s voice put that finishing shine on your next project. 

Dave Cox

Owner, 2 Dogs Digital Audio





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